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Company Profile

Iran Diba Co.

holder of ISO 9001, ISO 10004, ISO 10002 & the European standard CE as a leading Masterbatch manufacturer in Iran, has been providing locally & globally color concentrates and additive Masterbatches for Textile & Plastic industries since 1993.

Iran Diba Co. manufactures a very wide range of color and additive Masterbatches. It is extremely fast & accurate in developing new color shades with computerized color matching system, providing the lowest-cost solution that satisfies customer's specifications.

Our laboratory, equipped with state of the art testing equipments and machines specifically designed for each application for Textile & Plastic industries, provides customers with technical guarantee and quality control of products in accordance with International Standards. Our professional R&D team with profound technical knowledge of color engineering and market demands, carry out extensive development projects according to New Technology & Global demands.

Quality, the most important factor, is assured through constant quality controls in all stages of production. Strict specifications are set and production samples are tested accordingly. Thus Iran Diba has been able to win the trust & confidence of customers.

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Product Range

Textile Industries

Synthetic fiber BCF and CF yarn
Staple fibers
POY & FDY yarn
Woven Bags

Textile IndustriesTextile IndustriesTextile IndustriesTextile Industries

Plastic Industries

Multi-layer Film (PE & PP)
Bottles (PE & PET)
Container (PE & PP)
Pipe (PE & PP)
Injection and Blow Molding
Wire & Cable

Plastic IndustriesPlastic IndustriesPlastic IndustriesPlastic Industries

Additives MasteBatch

Optical Brightner
UV Stablizer
Slip - Agent
Anti - Oxidant
Anti - Static
Anti - Fox
Anti - Block
Processing Aid

Additives MasteBatchAdditives MasteBatchAdditives MasteBatchAdditives MasteBatch

Black Masterbatch for High Pressure PE pipes

Iran Diba Co. offers special grades of Black Masterbatches specifically designed for Polyethylene high pressure Pipes, PE 100 and PE 80.

Description: Iran Diba Black Masterbatches are jet Black Color Masterbatches containing 40% Black Pigment designed to meet the requirements of different Polyethylene high pressure Pipes mainly known as PE 100 or PE 80 which possess minimum required strength (MRS) of 10 and 8 respectively. Excellent Dispersion, high heat stability, high Ultra Violet (UV) stabilization and weathering resistance, Excellent coloring strength as well as easy processing make it suitable for PE pipe Compounding.
All material properties are in accordance with the international Standards. Technical Datasheets are available on request.

Surface Smoothness: Smooth and non-stick surface of inner and outer walls of pressure pipes is an important parameter in reducing the friction, reduction of power consumption and melt temperature which increase the output rate and finally leads to surface smoothness and glossy pipes.

Weathering: PE is susceptible to gradual degradation when continually exposed to ultra violet (UV) radiation. For PE piping material the most effective way that guarantees the long durability of pressure pipes against UV, is the incorporation of (2- 3)% of finely dispersed carbon black. This protection can be achieved using Iran Diba black Masterbatch.

Thermal Stability: With Oxidative Induction time (OIT) of about 140 min (@210OC) according to ISO 11357, Iran Diba Black Masterbatches proved to have high thermal stability.

Black Masterbatch for High Pressure PE pipes


Production logistics systems are oriented towards customer satisfaction, ensuring fast and flexible response even to especial requests and small batch sizes.

All polymers, pigments and additives used in Iran Diba are selected after careful testing and evaluation at laboratory and industrial scale.

Extensive laboratory facilities with sophisticated analytical instruments and pilot-scale equipment enable us to carry out Filter and Dispersion test especially for sensitive products such as Textile applications to develop custom solutions according o specific customer needs.

We operate on the basis of total Quality principles, applying strict quality control procedures to all of our products and defined standards to our operations.

Laboratory Machineries for Quality Control Testing
  • Yarn Sample spinning (B.C.F & C.F)
  • Film Extrusion ( PP & PE)
  • Filter Test Measurement
  • Light Fastness & heat stability measurement
  • Spectrophotometer for Color matching
  • Injection Molding
  • MFI Testing
masterbatch validation