Harnessing the Power of Additive Masterbatches

  • Optical Brightener

  • UV Stabilizer

  • Slip-Agent

  • Anti-Oxidant

  • Anti-Static

  • Anti-Fog

  • Anti-Block

  • Processing Aid

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Innovative Additive Solutions

Our additive masterbatches are meticulously formulated to boost the performance of your products. Whether you’re seeking enhanced UV stabilization, slip properties, antioxidant support, or other functionalities, our range of additives is designed to meet your specific requirements.

Advancing Performance with Additives

Enhance product attributes and overcome processing challenges with our specialized additive masterbatches. Designed to augment durability, aesthetic appeal, and functionality, our additives provide targeted solutions for specific needs.

Portfolio of Additives

Our comprehensive suite of additive masterbatches is designed to cater to diverse application needs. From UV stabilizers that guard against harmful sun rays, to anti-static agents that reduce static charge build-up, we offer a multitude of additives each targeting specific performance enhancements.

Superior Quality and Consistency

At Iran Diba Co., each additive masterbatch undergoes rigorous testing in our advanced laboratory to ensure superior quality and consistency. We adhere to international standards, delivering products you can rely on.

Additive Applications

Our additive masterbatches find applications across a vast range of industries. Whether it’s in enhancing the brilliance of synthetic fibers in textiles, improving the longevity of plastic products, or enabling smoother manufacturing processes, our additives deliver tailored solutions to meet your unique challenges.

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